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021 165 3997

About Us

Our Mission:

Our aim is to provide a cost effective solution in moving building product and fill to areas with limited access.
We offer a versatile, confined access solution that can be used in a multitude of work applications such as Basement Digouts, Backfill behind Block Walls, Landscaping Projects, Swimming Pools and Retaining Walls to name a few. Our clientele include Builders, Landscapers, Project Managers, and Home Owners.

We believe that our customers deserve the best service. We are honest, friendly and easy to work with. We go that extra mile to help our contractors secure a cost effective solutions for their clients. Our aim is to improve productivity and reduce delays for our customers.

The Excaveyor Team:

canyoningWe are a family owned and operated business and have been helping people with their earthmoving projects since 2009. We have worked hard to create a company with individuals that have the same hard working work ethic as the founder of the business Cameron Hadley.

We strive to create a fun safe environment for our team to work in and pride ourselves on delivering exceptional quality service. We have instilled a culture in our company which emphasises high quality workmanship, attention to detail and a can-do attitude. All our team members have a great work ethic with a willingness to help and think outside the box.

Our job is a physically demanding one and as such our team members are all fit and healthy. We aren’t afraid to get on the end of a shovel if need be and will go that extra mile to get the job done properly and to a high level of quality.

Key Benefits

  • conveyorsOur Conveyors measure 3200mm x 450mm x 190mm and are able to go through windows and up stairs with scaffolding to move product in and out of areas unable to be accessed by regular means
  • Our Conveyors don’t leave a footprint thereby reducing damage to areas saving on cost of re-instatement – this means that we can move product over tiled areas without damage
  • Reducing inconvenience to clients by shortening time required to finish a product
  • Minimising accidents and ACC claims resulting from workers falling from planks on stairs, slipping down uneven surfaces and steep banks and back injuries due to twisting and lifting on awkward angles whilst pushing heavy wheelbarrows
  • We can consistently move large volume of product per hour – more productive than a team of labourers on wheelbarrows due to their fatigue, empty wheelbarrows on return, not turning up for work, etc