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021 165 3997


Task at Hand

To move product in to Planter Boxes and area for new lawn with no damage to the stairs and tiles.

We set up the Conveyors on our specially designed scaffolding travelling up the stairs and moved the soil.

We moved in 24 cubic metres of soil in 4 hours

Rubber Feet

Our scaffolding has specially designed Rubber Feet to ensure there is no damage to any area we are moving product in and out of.

The tiles in this job were left in exactly the same condition as they were prior to the work being carried out, thus expensive reinstatement was not required to the tiled or stairwell areas.

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Excaveyor Video – Dehan Job

This video shows a job Excaveyor did in Mission Bay. The client was renovating and wanted to add in an extra room to the rear of their property. Access was limited and the only other option for the client was to use wheelbarrows to cart the dirt from the rear of the property to the front of the property, down two lots of stairs onto a truck.

We came in and set up our conveyors. We took the dirt from the rear of the property to the front much quicker and were also able to bypass the stairs altogether by moving the dirt over the edge of a retaining wall straight onto the back of a 6-wheeler truck.

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