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021 165 3997

Limited Access / Tight Access

side houseNo more need for back-breaking labour using wheelbarrows and buckets.

Our conveyors are able to go through garages, windows, and up stairs with purpose built scaffolding to move product in and out of difficult to reach areas.

We will work out a solution to save you time and effort on your next project so you can enjoy the finished product sooner.

If you want to save time and money – CALL US for a quote today.

Case Study – Auckland Zoo


  • To get topsoil into the Garden area
  • To get Scoria into the Drainage Area
  • All this required to be transported OVER steel bars

Two ways to do this:
1. In Grain Bags OR
2. Via Excaveyor Conveyors

Our conveyors were chosen to carry out this task.

We moved in 30 cubic metres of product in 5 hours. To carry out this task by hand would have required bagging the product and then having a team of workers pass these bags one by one over the steel bars to the required area.

The timeline for this task to be carried out manually would have exceeded a couple of days.